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Tom Krush

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06 May 2020

How Do We Trust Again

Disclaimer: This is political.

I’m a bit confused. We stayed home for two months because of the virus. Now that the virus has hit across the world and we feel the impact, we think it’s okay to go back outside. The virus hasn’t infected all of us yet, so obviously, we are good.

Who do we trust to tell us it’s safe to live again?

Do we trust the politicians? Sometimes

Do we trust the media? Sometimes

Do we trust each other? Sometimes

Do we trust numbers? Ahh. They are kinda scary

This virus sucks. According to John Hopkins University, 261,517 people have been reported to have died in the past two months from COVID-19. The number of deaths is growing exponentially. Morgues around the world are reporting a significant uptick in unexplained deaths that may be related to COVID-19. We are not testing everyone.

The world is shut down, and people are dying fast.

I want to see my friends and family again. I’d love to take my kids to the park and play. Heck, it would be great to eat a steak taco in a public place.

Numbers tell us we shouldn’t do these things for a while.

The federal and state governments are on the defense from the virus.

Social distancing and face masks are shielding us from the virus. We are not fighting back at the virus. Hiding from the virus only delays when the virus strikes. It doesn’t prevent it.

To fight back and contain the virus, we need mass testing. If we have mass testing, we can isolate the virus and remove it from our population. South Korea did this. Other countries are trying. We are the USA. Our government shouts to the world that we have the smartest people. If so, prove it. We can do this.

  • Communities and families need to come together again.
  • People need to find work again.
  • Businesses need to stay open.
  • People need to live again.

All said. The states will try to reopen and try to get these things back at least partially. This is a good thing. I just don’t see it going well.

I can’t ignore the fact that if deaths can rise exponentially when we are locked up, what the hell will the death numbers look like if we partially reopen?

We may have flattened the curve, but the curve is only a response to our actions.

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