Tom Krush

Tom Krush

Dad, Husband, Programmer, Amateur Woodworker

06 May 2020

Stumbling into Woodworking

Coffee Table Pictured above is my most recent project.

Finding the Hobby

Late last year, I stumbled into woodworking. My wife and I were redoing our closet, so I bought a circular saw. I planned on cutting some wood for the shelves.

While I was building out my closet, I started watching YouTube videos. I found Steve Ramsey. Steve runs a YouTube channel for beginner woodworkers called “Woodworking for Mere Mortals”. The premise of his channel is that woodworking should be approachable by anyone. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or need prior experience to get started.

I bought the tools that Steve deemed essential and started his woodworking course.

The Weekend Woodworker Course

The Weekend Woodworker course is made up of 6 projects. I’ve completed 4 of them. The one I’m most proud of so far is the coffee table.

The coffee table takes everything I’ve learned and combines it into a single project. My aim for this project was to get the highest degree of precision I could and practice the finishing process. I feel like I achieved both goals.

I’m Happier

I’m happier now that I give myself time each day to enter the garage and work on a project. All I need is 15 to 30 minutes, and I feel great.

Woodworking can be dangerous when you are using a table saw or a router. This danger keeps me highly focused. It helps me remember that I’m alive and healthy. I’ve been programming for 20 years. I’ve never had this type of feeling in front of a computer.

It’s cliche, but finding a hobby has made me a better Dad and Husband. I’ve been a workaholic for years. It’s refreshing to work on something that requires you to pause after each step. The glue needs to dry.

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