Tom Krush

Tom Krush

Dad, Husband, Programmer, Amateur Woodworker

18 May 2020

Get Faster With Git Aliases

A Git alias allows you to create shortcuts to simplify more complicated or less memorable commands. Undo Your Commit We ...
06 May 2020

How Do We Trust Again

We stayed home for two months because of the virus. Now that the virus has hit across the world and we feel the impact, we think it's okay to go back outside. The virus hasn't infected all of us yet, so obviously, we are good.
06 May 2020

Stumbling into Woodworking

Late last year, I stumbled into woodworking. I started taking the Weekend Worker course from Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I'm happier now that I have a hobby.
17 Apr 2020

Documentation Systems

Over the past few months I’ve learned a few things about writing good documentation. This advice should be obvious...